loadupdatedata behavior for mysql

I have changeset to loading a csv to the database. I am using loadUpdateData tag so that any changes to the csv are handled automatically without having to write a new changeset. In the loadUpdateData, i specify the "primaryKey" field, which is different from the actual primary key on the table. This works fine for oracle, but fails for mysql.

My changeset looks like this
ON DUPLICATE KEY Col2=..., Col3=...;

So, why does the mysql generated statement assume that I want to update data based on the primary key defined in the table, not the column name provided in the primaryKey parameter in the changeSet?

There is a typo

<loadUpdateData primaryKey=“Col10” …

and later you refer

… “Col1” which is auto-generated …

If there is no typo error you get the same?

It’s not a typo. The primary key column on my table is “Col1”, which is auto-generated. But, I want to run the update based a column which is not the primary key, in this example “Col10”

Hi Vinay,

What version of Oracle, MySQL and Liquibase are you using?  Console output would be helpful to diagnose as well.