loadUpdateData not recognizing the table in the DB

Hi, I want to use the loadUpdateData change type for my existing sqlite database for future data insertions and updates.
I was trying to check how it works before I do it on real data, so I created a test table and inserted to it one record by query execution.
The table named ‘test1’ and includes 2 columns:
-id (int)
-name (string)

Also, I created a demo CSV file with 3 rows to be inserted to the table:

id | name
1 | A
2 | B
3 | C

Other operations are working great, adding new data with the insert change type works great.
But when I’m trying to update the loadUpdateData changeSet I created, it throws a very odd error:

The changeSet I’m trying to update:

The error I get:

Unexpected error running Liquibase: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (table test1 has no column named id,name) [Failed SQL: (1) INSERT OR REPLACE INTO test1 (“id,name”) VALUES (‘1,A’);]

The weirdest thing is that I did manage two weeks ago to insert data from CSV into a table, although I was using loadData change type, but now both the loadData and the loadUpdateData change types are giving me this error.

more details:
The CSV file is located in the same folder with the changeLogFile.
Liquibase version 4.6.2
Sqlite3 version 3.36.0
My liquibase.properties file looks like this:

changeLogFile: changeLogCurrent.yaml
driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
url: jdbc:sqlite:/Users/donnk/PycharmProjects/NGVDBproject/new_vul_data.db
username: ******
password: *******
referenceDriver: org.sqlite.JDBC
referenceUrl: offline:sqlite=sdk:/Users/donnk/Liquibase/work_with_new_db/mySnapshot2.yaml
referencePassword: *******
classpath: /Users/donnk/Liquibase/work_with_new_db/sqlite-jdbc-

I found this open issue on GitHub - Additional unfixed issues with relativeToChangelogfile + logicalFilePath · Issue #2281 · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub
But I don’t think that this is what happens in my case.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can solve this?

Hi @donnk
Thanks for joining the community.
What changed between when you used loadData a couple of weeks ago and now?
Is there a test1 table in the database when you ran the update command?
Or is the quotchar affecting this update and liquibase is looking for a column named
and not
a column named id and a column named name.
Just some options to look into.
Let us know what you find.

Thank you for the quick answer! It wasn’t the problem tho.
I managed to find the issue, my CSV file was separated with commas while I was trying to use ’ ; ’ as a separator.