loadData all-caps tableName not recognized

Hi Team,

I am attempting to use a loadData tag to upload csv into schemaname.“ALL_CAPS_TABLE_NAME”.
here is my code →
<loadData tableName='"ALL_CAPS_TABLE_NAME" (I have also tried tableName="ALL_CAPS_TABLE_NAME") schemaName="schemaName" file="data1.csv" separator="," quotchar="&quot;" encoding="UTF-8"/>

I keep getting an error saying my relation doesn’t exist and the stack trace shows me that the SQL statement that liquibase created from loadData looks like this
[Failed SQL: (0) INSERT INTO schemaname.""""ALL_CAPS_TABLE_NAME"""
when I need it to look like

Hi @ymelt !

Sorry for the long wait in reply. Have you tried:
`<loadData tableName=ALL_CAPS_TABLE_NAME

instead of:

Based on this stackoverflow answer, looks like all caps automagically get you the single quotes you are looking for.

needed to add the following to changeset heading
<changeSet objectQuotingStrategy="QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS">

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@ymelt , thanks for sharing the answer!