dropAllDatabaseObjects--no confirmation, no output file.

Setup ant task as follows:


#1> promptOnNonLocalDatabase did not prompt me for a remote database
#2> outputFile was not written–all changes were immediately applied to database.

Does anybody else have this same problem?  Using ant 1.8.1, liquibase-core 1.9.5, jdk 1.6.0_20, oracle 10.2.


I think the dropAll command does not actually support the outputFile parameter.  The promptOnNonLocalDatabase also looks like it isn’t checked in the dropAll ant task like it should be. 

I can get it changed for 2.0, but I’m not sure if there will be another 1.9 release or not.


I’ve got svn trunk checked out.  Maybe I can help out really quick?  Have you done this? Defect/Task in Jira?

If you could take a look, that would be great.  It shouldn’t be too bad, take a look at the other Liquibase Ant tasks.  I don’t have a defect in jira, if you could make one that would be good too.