Dropwizard migrations Liquibase new changeset not migrating

I've added new changeset to migrations.xml but when I run db migration config-file it doesn't apply new changeset but just with below output:

INFO  [2015-02-10 12:59:34,193] liquibase: Successfully acquired change log lock INFO  [2015-02-10 12:59:34,809] liquibase: Reading from public.databasechangelog INFO  [2015-02-10 12:59:34,821] liquibase: Successfully released change log lock

I have two changesets and only the first one is applied. For example:

<changeSet id="1" author="me">  <changeSet id="2" author="me">

Also I only see first changeset entry under databasechangelog table which is strange.

How do I make it apply my new changeset?

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