Unable to add new change sets following "getting started" file

Hi, here are the steps that I followed.

I was able to run the changeSets from example-changelog.sql but when adding new changeSets to this file as per getting_start.txt the new changes are not being applied. All I get from the cmd prompt is that the update cmd execute successfully.

Here is a changeSet that was already in the file that was added:

–changeset other.dev:3 labels:example-label context:example-context
–comment: example comment
alter table person add column country varchar(2)
–rollback ALTER TABLE person DROP COLUMN country;

Here is an example of a changeSet that I copied and pasted from the guide:
–changeset your.name:4
ALTER TABLE person ADD worksfor_company_id INT;
–changeset your.name:5
ALTER TABLE person ADD CONSTRAINT fk_person_worksfor FOREIGN KEY (worksfor_company_id) REFERENCES company(id);

I am obviously totally new to this, just trying to follow the getting started guide, thank you.

You should just be able to add additional changesets as needed to an existing changelog. I’ve never seen this be an issue.

Can your provide the Liquibase output from both executions?

Hi thanks for the reply, I failed properly. The guide said to copy the examples dir to a new location which I did, then I opened a terminal in that location BUT I carried on reading the guide in original location and was editing that change log instead of the one in the new location. Oh man. Anyway thanks for taking the time.

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