Duplicate Identifiers using includeAll Tag - Liquibase 3 (no rc or beta)

It is a bug in 3.0. I created https://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-1332 to track it and have a fix in for 3.0.2.


Hello everyone,

i’m new to liquibase and already read the Quick-Start-Guide, Best Practices and Oracle Tutorial. At the moment i’m struggling with the tag for the changelog. If i’m using the tag it always says:

DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: Unable to load/access Apache Derby driver classto check version
DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: Connected to someuser@jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:service_name
DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: Setting auto commit to false from true
DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: includeAll for install/data/
DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: Using file opener for includeAll: liquibase.resource.CompositeResourceAccessor(
liquibase.resource.FileSystemResourceAccessor(C:\Project_Path.),liquibase.integration.commandline.CommandLineResourceAccessor(… lib/ojdbc6.jar))
DEBUG 19.06.13 17:06:liquibase: includeAll using path C:\Project_Path\install\data\changelog-data.xml
Validation Error:
     1 change sets had duplicate identifiers
Liquibase ‘validate’ Successful

This is a slightly modified log. The whole files to reproduce are included in the database.zip which can be downloaded here:


 You only have to modify liquibase.properties for correct connection info.

The curious thing is that the following line work.

While this line won’t work.

So how can i make use of but don’t have this duplicate identifier problem?

Thanks in advance


Thank you very much.