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Yesterday I posted a topic on the user forum about the duplicate identifiers problem I digged the code and fixed it locally on XMLChangeLogSAXHandler file. The path was being processed twice because the path was on the returned enumeration of resouceAccessor.getResources(pathName).

Also fixed another problem that we had. We have a mixed Linux/Windows team working with RC2 and we had strange problems regarding updates. A linux flavour team member created and applied a new changeSet, worked as expected. After that a windows flavour member tryied to update as well. The expected result was : no update. But the update was applied again. The problem was that File.getPath, File.getAbsolutePath and File.getCanonicalPath returned different file separator character on windows (\) and linux (/). So after any File.* operation I do a replace to “/”.

How can I share this fix ?


You just need to commit your changes to server-side svn repository.

That’s what Nathan told me:

There is currently no special commit privilages, anyone with an account on can commit.  I monitor the commits and modify and/or revert them as necessary until I know a new committer understands what they are doing.

If you are looking for something to work on, the best option is to work on bugs or feature that you need.  I’m trying to finalize 2.0, so if you are making any non-simple bug fixes, there is a next_version branch you can check out instead of trunk.

But I think you should wait of Nathan’s decision about these changes. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can either commit the change directly and I’ll review it, or you can post a patch file.  Whichever you prefer.


Comitted the change.

Great, I’ll take a look.