[feature proposal] Exclude a file from the includeAll tag

When including all files from a path with the “includeAll” tag, I sometimes find it useful to exclude a few files from all the included files.

For now, I generally use the “pom.xml” configuration to exclude specific files (it is way less work than keeping the very big number of changelog files in the “master.xml” using “include” tags). But removing such dependency between the “pom.xml” and the “master.xml” (or any other “changelog.xml” file) would be interesting, even more so if it can let me change the list of skipped changelogs without having to touch the package at all (using an external “master.xml” file).

So, I guess it would be way easier to have the possibility to add an “exclude” tag into the “includeAll” tag. Or maybe someone is seeing a problem with such a proposal? Or maybe anyone has found another work around to maintain some sort of changelog blacklist?

Hi @Perleflamme,

Sorry for the delay. This sounds like a cool feature. We are community driven, please add a feature request here:

or if you are able, you can propose features as a pull request:

Hope that helps,