includeAll tag on v3.0.1 is broken ?



I was using includeAll tag with LB 2.0.5 without issue. With 3.0.1 I’ve got this issue :






      liquibase.exception.LiquibaseException: Cannot find parser that supports src/sql/DATA_QUALITY/TYPE/.svn



It seems that LB is processing all files in folder instead of processing valid changeSets or changeLogs (e.g *.sql or *.xml)




Yes, that looks like a problem. I created CORE-1328 and will get it fixed with 3.0.2


I am having a problem with includeAll in LB 3.0.2 running LB from maven 2 under Windows 7 with Java 1.7.
The following snippet is from
My install.xml content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<databaseChangeLog xmlns=“


      <includeAll path=“latest/vw”  relativeToChangelogFile=“true” />


LB finds and executes scripts in “install” and its sub-dirs, however, it fails on “latest” dir (last 3 includeAll tags) with the following exception:

SEVERE 7/25/13 3:21 PM:liquibase: Error thrown as a SAXException: Could not find directory or directory was empty for includeAll 'src/main/resources/db/latest/vw/'
org.xml.sax.SAXException: Could not find directory or directory was empty for includeAll 'src/main/resources/db/latest/vw/'

Can LB handle the above scenario or what would be a workaround?
Thank you

I found what’s causing the exception with includeAll tag and latestdirectory: all subdirectories under latest are empty, whereas each dir install contains at least one DDL script.

My question now is this a valid case for Liquibase or is this my (or primer) usage issue?
Should I be adding some dummy DDL/DML scripts under each potentially empty directory where LB is searching for scripts?
What I mean is I may not have a new package DDL for my “latest” release under “latest/pkb”, but may have some triggers etc in “latest/trg”