Element 'rollback' is a simple type, so it must have no element information item

I’m getting this error when I try to add a rollback like this:

<changeSet id="add-unknown-job" author="joakim">
	<insert tableName="jobs">
		<column name="job_id" valueNumeric="-1"/>
		<column name="invocation" value="unknown"/>
		<column name="start_time" value="0000-00-00"/>
		<column name="end_time" value="0000-00-00"/>


this seems to me like a perfectly valid way to write a rollback, what is the problem?

I figured this one out; it was because I had the old doctype set in my XML  document (1.6), because that is what is displayed in the quickstart. Maybe the Quick start document should be updated to have the latest version?

Glad you found the problem.  I’ll update the docs, thanks for pointing it out.

There should be a “Using old version of XML schema” message that goes to your logs to help you notice when it’s wrong.