EMF Edapt & Liquidbase

Hi There,

In Eclipse modeling world, there is EMF which let’s you create Metamodels (so called ECore models).
These are then used to create actual model instances which can be persisted in XML and also to Databases or even NoSQL databases. So all pretty cool.

Model Migrations are supported through Edapt.

Edapt is pretty good in evolving a Metamodel and the actual model instances when the format is XML. Now when the model is persisted in a database, Edapt can not deal with this.

Now here is my proposal, I would like to extend Edapt to generate a Liquidbase changelog file for evolving the databases which store EMF models.

What I would like to investigate is transformation of an Edapt migration into a Liquidbase migration. Edapt would migrate the metamodel (ecore) but also generate the liquidbase change log.

Now EMF happens to be really cool dealing with XSD and XML instances.
So I would like to start to generate a metamodel from:


With this, We can basically easily generate a changelog file from our Edapt migration model.

What I need from you? Well nothing really, I think all is well documented. But perhaps we can
leverage the EMF and Liquidbase world combination somehow.
LEt’s see.

Cheers Christophe Bouhier (Committer on Edapt).