Encoding of value for columns of type BLOB?

Hi there,

Using the insert tag with a type ‘BLOB’ I’m able to insert some binary data, e.g.:


But how is the value supposed to be encoded in this case? Does Liquibase (1.9.5 or 2.x) use the encoding of the changelog
or another one, e.g. Base64? (since < is disallowed in attributes, for example)

Because the contents of attributes in XML schema is rather limited, I can’t imagine something different than Base64 but
unfortunately the documentation does not touch this point. Can someone shed some light on this topic?

If this is an open issue, I would suggest using an inner element for value instead, because then a different schema type
could be used for the different value types, something like:




There currently isn’t any support for inserting blob data, mainly because there is no standard way to insert binary data as a text string.  It could be added as an extension, but there is no core liquibase support.