What valueBlobFile and valueClobFile attributes do? and how to insert a binary value using the insert refactoring?


I noticed the two column tag attributes valueBlobFile and valueClobFile present in version 3, but they are not documented on the column tag page. What do they do?

What made me wonder about them is that I have a password database column into which I want to insert binary value. Its type is varbinary, and in a past project that used Liquibase 2, I made it this way:

  1.             …

Which now doesn’t work with version 3. When I execute the refactoring I get the value 0x00000000 inserted in the database, which seems as if valueNumeric is now treated just as 32 bit integer not as arbitrary non quoted value as in the past.

What’s the proper method to insert binary data using the insert refactoring to resolve my situation?

I’ve figured how to use the valueBlobFile attribute. It should hold the path to a file that contains the raw binary data to be inserted. The path is relative to the top level change log file. Here’s my column tag now:

  1.             …