Error: file not found in configured classpath

I am using the docker image of liquibase and my changelog (named changelog.xml) is in the directory /Users/linc/Documents/liquibase/changelog. My database is named postgres-demo and is a postgres database also running via docker. I am just trying to get liquibase working, so my changelog file just has one test changeset:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<changeSet  id="1"  author="cliff">  
    <createTable  tableName="department">  
        <column  name="id"  type="int">  
            <constraints  primaryKey="true"  nullable="false"/>  
        <column  name="name"  type="varchar(50)">  
            <constraints  nullable="false"/>  
        <column  name="active"  type="boolean"  defaultValueBoolean="true"/>  

I am running the command:

docker run --rm
-v /Users/linc/Documents/liquibase/changelog:/liquibase/changelog
–network host
–changeLogFile= /Users/linc/Documents/liquibase/changelog/changelog.xml

I get the following error:

ERROR: Exception Details
ERROR: Exception Primary Class: ChangeLogParseException
ERROR: Exception Primary Reason: The file /liquibase/changelog/changelog.xml was not found in the configured search path:

I appreciate the help!

This documentation will help: