Error message for LIQUIBASE_COMMAND_CONTEXTS in 4.23.1

We’re using the environment variable LIQUIBASE_COMMAND_CONTEXTS for filtering in our changelogs. In Liquibase version 4.21.1, everything is sweet, but now, using 4.23.1, I get warnings that there’s an “invalid LIQUIBASE_* variable” named LIQUIBASE_COMMAND_CONTEXTS.

I can’t seem to find any indication that this variable is deprecated or anything like that. Besides, it seems to be working just fine despite the warning.

Can anyone explain what’s up?

BTW, I’ve got a <property file=“” relativeToChangelogFile=“true” /> in my changelog. 4.21 gracefully ignores that, if the file doesn’t exist, whereas 4.23.1 crashes and burns. I liked the old way better. I thought, at least there might be a errorIfMissing attribute you could set to false but if there is, it’s not documented (on Substituting Properties in Changelogs, at least).

OK, the variable warning exists as a issue already: Liquibase 4.23.1 complains about LIQUIBASE_COMMAND_CONTEXTS variable · Issue #4663 · liquibase/liquibase · GitHub.

I’d still be curious as to whether the new intolerance towards non-existing property files is a feature or a bug :person_shrugging: