Error on documentation


First, i’m reporting typo on the documentation

The documantation YAML version does’nt display correctly tabulations and is missing character, i want to say on YAML it is pretty important.

  1. changeSet:
  2.    id: sql-example
  3.    author: liquibase-docs
  4.    changes:
  5.    - sql:

    comment: What about Bob?

is in reality :

  1. - changeSet: 
    id: sql-example
    author: liquibase-docs

    - sql:

    comment: What about Bob?

SEVERE 5/8/14 1:35 PM:liquibase: Cannot find parser that supports db.changelog-1.1.yml

Solution => replace yml by yaml (just in case people are looking for it)

It would be nice to handle both extension within liquibase:) and manage errors message too…

Thanks :wink:

Thanks. I’ll take a look at the docs. I also added support for the .yml extension in the upcoming 3.2.0 version.