Executing Liquibase.jar via command line failing in latest version

We are trying to upgrade the Liquibase version from 3.4.2 to 4.9.1

Things are working in version 3.4.2 when we try to upgrade to the 4.9.1 jar we are facing the below error.
no main manifest attribute, in /lib/liquibase/liquibase.jar

Hi @Lavanya - Welcome to the Liquibase Community!
Have a look at the release notes for 4.9.1 - there was a bug regarding MANIFEST.MF that we recently fixed that may be affecting your installation. Release Notes | Liquibase Docs

I’ve also found some links that may help you resolve the error you’re encountering.

If you’re still stuck after reviewing these resources, please let us know!


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Thanks @tabbyfoo, Shall go through the resources shared and get back.

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Lavanya Were you able to fix this?

Hi @Lavanya How are you trying to execute liquibase?
Is this your use case?

If so, the description in there shows how to run it with 4.x.

Yes, the issue is resolved.
Had to change the java attribute, below is the command.

java -cp picocli-4.6.1.jar:liquibase.jar liquibase.integration.commandline.LiquibaseCommandLine