Extends NumberType not working with version 4.4.0

We just upgraded to liquidbase 4.4.0 and it seems that our custom class does not get executed anymore

@DataTypeInfo(name=“number”, aliases = {“numeric”, “java.sql.Types.NUMERIC”},
minParameters = 0, maxParameters = 2, priority = LiquibaseDataType.PRIORITY_DATABASE)
public class NumberTypeEIRDerby extends NumberType {

    public int getPriority() {
        return PRIORITY_DATABASE +1;

    public boolean supports(Database database) {
        return database instanceof DerbyDatabase;
public DatabaseDataType toDatabaseDataType(Database database) {
    if (database instanceof DerbyDatabase) {
    	Object[] numericParams = getParameters();
    	if(numericParams != null && numericParams.length > 0) {
    		Integer a = Integer.valueOf((String) numericParams[0]);
    		a = Math.min(31, a.intValue());
    		numericParams[0] = a.toString();
        return new DatabaseDataType("NUMERIC", numericParams);
    return super.toDatabaseDataType(database);


Anything we are doing wrong? It used to work with version 3

Hi @halloweenx8

Sorry that you are facing this issue.

Could you please confirm if it’s not working with any of 4.x versions or just with the latest 4.4 version?

Also it would be helpful if you could share the logs to know what exact error do you get.

Rakhi Agrawal

I’m using the latest so 4.4 and i’m not getting any error the code above does not get called and it was prior to version 4.4 i did not try 4.x just 3.8 and now 4.4

oh okay. Would you mind logging an issue on Liquibase github for better tracking the issue?

Rakhi Agrawal