Fire off paramaters automatically & API

Hey all I am new to the wonderful world of Liquibase.

I currently have a pipeline that i converted from a normal build. It passes peramaters depending on what the user chooses from the dropdown before it fires off.

The Pipeline script (with groovy sandbox) looks like this:

node () {
	stage ('LiquibaseTest - Build') {
    // Unable to convert a build step referring to "org.jenkinsci.plugins.buildnamesetter.BuildNameSetter". Please verify and convert manually if required.		// Shell build step
    sh """ 
        echo "Setting liquibase in the path"
        export PATH=$PATH:/jenkins/liquibase-3.6.2;
        echo "${Environment}"
        cd /jenkins/liquibase-3.6.2;
        liquibase diff;

The file:

username: PEGA_BASE
referenceUsername: PEGA_BASE
referencePassword: YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
changeLogFile: diff_change2.txt
diffTypes: tables, views, columns, indexes, foreignkeys, primarykeys, uniqueconstraints

Now, first question is - is the above script even taking into account what paramater its using other than the echo “${Environment}”?

The second question is - Instead of the user seleting from a dropdown box when its first ran how can I just loop through the dropdown choices automatically?

The last question is - How would I be able to fire this off without even going into Jenkins? How would the API look like with doing somthing like that outside of Jenkins?

Thanks for taking the time to read and help!

Welcome @tdgfbi!

What other parameters are you wanting to account for? When liquibase runs it looks for a files and reads those values in unless they are overwitten in the command line.