For using Hub Compliance issue from Orgs

Hi Team,

I liked the Liquibase Hub part which tracks all the DB deployments.
For using Hub mode, we might have to open firewall request to be able to connect to liquibase Hub from Orgs network. I think most of the organization’s wont allow this as security/compliance issue. also sending all DB related information to third party will be like exposing core information.

This will prevent most of orgs from using Hub. Is there any workaround for this? Is it possible to provide in house Hub which can be installed internally and used?

@rakhi - Can you please help me get the answer on this.

Hi @KapilGonjari

Sorry I somehow missed your post earlier.

Good to know you are using Liquibase Hub.
I think Aditi would be able to answer queries related to hub more clearly. @aditi would you mind taking some time out and having a look at this question please?

Rakhi Agrawal