Need help in getting Pro evaluation working

I am having an issue with following the installation instructions for the evaluation of Liquibase:

c:\windows\system32>liquibase init hub --token=<redacted>
Starting Liquibase at 10:58:22 (version 4.14.0 #3667 built at 2022-07-22 18:36+0000)
Liquibase Version: 4.14.0
Liquibase Community 4.14.0 by LiquibaseUnexpected error running Liquibase: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested targetFor more information, please use the --log-level flag

Also – is the “hub” concept that Liquibase sends back information from my local network to dashboards? If so, my company will not allow this. It would need to be disabled.


Hello, @tolgaerdogus - welcome to the Liquibase community!

You can turn off hub mode by setting this property:

liquibase.hub.mode = off

More information on this is available at

The PKIX path building failed issue might not be related to Liquibase Hub. It could be that the database server you’re trying to connect is having a certificate issue.