Functionality removed in 3.0 branch

Hi Everyone,

The past few days I have been converting an existing MySQL database to make use of liquibase. I started by using version 3.0.2 of liquibase. I was having trouble with columns having the UNSIGNED type which was not being honored. I then found the JIRA issue CORE-766 that fixed that issue a long time ago. However, it would appear that the fix that went into CORE-766 was subsequently removed by the following commit:

fcc370520a7b6e7380cfdd00a566b36314bca8d4 Lots of changes around type support and diff support. Moved version to 3.0

I confirmed that Liquibase 2.0.5 does indeed still contain the fix made in CORE-766, and I was able to create tables with “UNSIGNED” columns with liquibase 2.0.5. If anyone else can please provide confirmation about my finding that will be appreciated.

I am hoping that CORE-766 will find its way into the 3.0 branch.



In that commit it shouldn’t have removed support for unsigned, but just moved the code around. There was a couple bugs around types with spaces like “int unsigned” that have been fixed in 3.0.3. I tested 3.0.3 with 


and it worked fine.