Generate-changelog doesn't work

Good time!
It’s my 1st experience with liquibase. I attempted to receive changelog from ready test DB but changelog didn’t create file with success message. Command
liquibase generate-changelog --changelog-file=/home/dir

liquibase is owned by root and must have rights to work with my directories.
Output write
[2024-03-14 14:58:35] INFO [liquibase.ui] Generated changelog written to /home/***/prob-changelog.xml
[2024-03-14 14:58:35] INFO [liquibase.command] Command execution complete
Liquibase command ‘generateChangelog’ was executed successfully.
[2024-03-14 14:58:35] INFO [liquibase.ui] Liquibase command ‘generateChangelog’ was executed successfully.
But file is absent.
DB is HyperSQLDB.

Hi @mittel,

I’m Daniel from Liquibase team and I’ll be happy to help you to resolve your issue. I’ll try to reproduce it locally to see whether I can have the same outcome you do. In order to do it accurately would you mind sharing some more details, steps you performed before running generate-changelog. Are you executing commands from the CLI? Did update command run successfully? If there is not sensitive data maybe you can share the changelog you deployed or changes you manually executed against your DB.


Daniel, good time, thanks for reply!
I found the trouble. My tables etc. was named with “quasischema” parts as scheme.tablename. When I repeated DB objects without scheme. part generate-changelog worked fine. I didn’t check if utility work correct with schemas parameters as --schemas or --output-schemas. I prefer exclude this parts for simple.
I think it’s feature liquibase methods for hsqldb.

Nice, glad to see you could figure it out.