Generate update/rollbackSQL without DB connection?

After a little incident with a changeset on production DBA’s now want to use SQL file’s, both for rollback- and update. We’ll definitely continue to use Liquibase for change definition and tracking. So I’ve set up the maven update/rollbackSQL to generate these, but ran into the following. 

  • I'd like to generate these against the staging db (test and local dev are not always containing the right state of the db), and got a readyonly account on staging for that. UpdateSQL generate's the file nicely, but at the end it give's a 'no permission' exeption. Not sure why, I think it want's to do something with the dbchangelog file's, but why? I really don't want to use a read/write account there.
  • I now have to keep db credentials of the staging env. in my work area, which I'd rather not. I'll also have to somehow put them in some config file, such to make it work on the build machine's. I don't want that.

So I wonder if it is possible to just generate the update/rollback file’s without a db connection, and select the changeset’s I want to give to DBA myself. I tried to do it with the maven execution, but without success. My current executions look like this:



  2.     rollbackSQL
  3.     process-resources
  5.         rollbackSQL
  8.         src/main/resources/nl/duh/bva/model/persistence/db/changelog/db.changelog-rollback-sql-latest.xml
  9.         oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
  10.         target/liquibase/rollback.sql

  13.         duh_duh
  14.         duhduh

  15.         APR 01, 2012