generateChangeLog not working as expected in docker

We are trying to use Liquibase for our database CICD

As a POC, I was trying to run the Liquibase commands on docker, initial update commands to create Tables, inserting data and updating the stored procedure works as expected.
Since we wanted to try on an existing MS SQL server database, I wanted to run generateChangeLog to extract existing change logs.

I am trying below command:

docker run --net=“host” -v /home/administrator/liquibase/HR/changelog:/liquibase/changelog liquibase/liquibase:latest --url=“jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=liquibasedb;integratedSecurity=false;” --changeLogFile=“changelog.xml” --username=“sa” --password=“xxxx” generateChangeLog

Generated changelog written to /liquibase/changelog.xml
Liquibase command ‘generateChangelog’ was executed successfully.

It says command is successful but strangely I am not able to find the generated output file in any of the /home/administrator/liquibase/** location. Not sure what is happening, tried all internet help, but no luck.

Not sure if this is something with volume mount or I am missing something.

Hi @cleanops
I would change the location of the changelog file to changelog/changelog.xml since you are mounting into the container at /liquibase/changelog
And /liquibase is inside the container and not on your filesystem.
docker run --net=“host” -v /home/administrator/liquibase/HR/changelog:/liquibase/changelog liquibase/liquibase:latest --url=“jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=liquibasedb;integratedSecurity=false;” –changeLogFile="changelog/changelog.xml” --username=“sa” --password=“xxxx” generateChangeLog
would be the new command to try.