GenerateChangeLog + Oracle column order for tables (v3.1.1)

I’m noticing that the generated changelog does not appear to be absolutely faithful in column ordering for tables on an Oracle DB.  I don’t fully know my way around the code yet, but this method:

liquibase.snapshot.JdbcDatabaseSnapshot.CachingDatabaseMetaData.getColumns(…).new SingleResultSetExtractor() {…}.oracleQuery(boolean)

appears to be what feeds the changelog generator.  That method makes the assumption that ALL_TAB_COLS outputs rows in order of column order.  This is not the case and shold not be relied upon.  I have about 100 columns to reorder in the generated changelog now.  100 out of 2277 ain’t bad, I suppose. 


Is this an outstanding bug?  I searched Jira but couldn’t find anything.

Yes, that has now been fixed with the upcoming 3.2.1 release.