Get local createTable's tableName attribute value


Is there a way to retrieve the value of the attribute tableName on tag (or another attribute) without declaring a property or passing as parameter?
I want the value inside of the tag , like the local tag attributes. For example {local.tableName} or {local.createTable.tableName} where it returns the tableName, something like the example bellow:

<changeSet author="authorName" id="createTable.Table1">
	<createTable tableName="Table1">
		<column name="COLUMN1" type="TEXT" />
		<column name="COLUMN2" type="INT" defaultValueConstraintName="${local.tableName}" defaultValueNumeric="0" />
		<column name="COLUMN3" type="INT" defaultValueConstraintName="${local.createTable.tableName}" defaultValueNumeric="0" />


Hi @LazyLeecher ,

Are you asking if there is another way to set {local.createTable.tableName} other than declaring a property in the changelog? If so, yes, you can. You can see all the ways you can set a property (including cli, and env variable are possible sources). Check out the docs.

Hi @LazyLeecher ,

Are you expecting the tablename itself as the output of the property substitution syntax you have used ${...} ?

Could you be more precise on what you are expecting as an output changeset?

Rakhi Agrawal