Getting rollout and rollback script separately for each file in changelog xml

Hi All,

How i can get rollout and rollback script separately for each sql file in changelog xml ?

As of now if i run UpdateSQL or FutureRollbackSQL commands i get the consolidated list of rollout and rollback scripts for all sql files in changelog xml combined.


I think as we are passing changelog.xml with entries of all SQL files as input, updateSQL will also generate the output for every SQL file provided in input. I don’t think we would be able to get or write rollback/rollout queries in corresponding SQL files.

Rakhi Agrawal

@rakhi - Thanks. If any other users also needs to have this as feature. Can we have it?

something like : Pass some parameter in liquibase command which will generate separate rollback and rollout scipts for each file in changelog xml.

Definitely. Having an enhancement is always a benefit for any product. May be try posting it on Liquibase Git. Hopefully you would get the best response for your enhancement there.