H2 timestamp precision

Hi all,

We are using liquibase with H2 (dev & integration tests) and postgres (dev & prod).
With Java17 we face an issue with Hibernate [HHH-15166] - Hibernate JIRA that will be solved only in a future major release.

I would like to change the default mapping of ‘datatime’ to 'timestamp(9) ’ instead of ‘timestamp(6)’ only for H2.
I there a way to change the liquibase to db type mapping ?
I only found an obsolete thread about it (2010).


Nobody know a way to change the liquibase data type mapping for a DB ?

I finally found a solution to do it by looking at the cassandra ext.
My solution could be found here: Solve by overriding the datatype (c99a28d6) · Commits · Philippe Kernevez / hibernate and h2 issue with java 16 · GitLab