Have liquibase issue sql statements without prefixed schema

Hi everyone,

Maybe a strange question, and maybe not Liquibase’s issue. I am currently trying to integrate Liquibase (latest version) together with ShardingSphere (http://shardingsphere.apache.org).
I set the default schema for liquibase, but then because it has custom parsers, ShardingSphere can’t handle very well the sql statement sent by liquibase because they include the prefix for the schema, e.g.

INSERT INTO public.databasechangeloglock (ID, LOCKED) VALUES (1, FALSE)

does not work while

INSERT INTO databasechangeloglock (ID, LOCKED) VALUES (1, FALSE)


Is there any property on liquibase that allows me to specify the default schema but not have it output in the SQL statements?


Hi @rcouto

Thanks for your question. I would love to know the answer for it.
@aditi @MikeOlivas Could you guys please help here?

Rakhi Agrawal

I am not aware of a parameter/attribute that will stop Liquibase from including the schema name for the Liquibase tracking tables. That would most likely require custom code for shardingsphere