setting databaseChangeLog/LockTableName via Maven Plugin

In our project we need to support more than one oracle database schema with liquibase. the idea is to generate only one sql file using liquibase which will be executed as sysdba in oracle.

therefore we need the a schema name to be added to the liquibase databaseChangeLog/lock tables. we use maven to run liquibase 3.0.8

there are many blogs and discussions on how to do this with maven. right now it looks like to only way possible is to pass as command line parameter since maven properties in pom will be ignored

      unfortunately liquibase 2.0.1 is not an option for us. Is there anyway to have the properties set in pom for liquibase 3.0.8 or should i file a bug?

      With 3.x there is the changelogCatalogName and changelogSchemaName attributes you can use in maven to control where the databaseChangeLog table goes. Have you tried those?


      hi nathan,

      yes I tried using changelogSchemaName but without any success.

      I also figured out that there may be a difference between using pom properties or including a properties file. I was trying to set migrationSqlOutputFile what was only possible via pom properties to me.

      I still need to use the command line in 3.1.1 to add the the schemaName and I’m still getting the issue with the wrong concatenated primary key.

         PRIMARY KEY (ID));