Maven Plugin liquibaseSchemaName only works when defined on CLI

I am using the Maven Plugin. We were running version 4.4.0 but I am upgrading to 4.9.1.

We are using PostgreSQL

We created a separate schema called liquibase for the databasechangelog and lock tables.

In 4.4.0, this just worked - when we created a new DB, we had to create the schema and the tables so we could set the owner properly, but then everything just worked.

However, with 4.9.1, it kept wanting to build the tables in public schema, even though the tables existed in liquibase schema. In my pom.xml, I had


I finally discovered that if I specify the property as a -D liquibase.liquibaseSchemaName=liquibase it works.

Is this a bug in the maven plugin or am I doing something incorrectly?


Welcome to the Liquibase Community, @timmerktdev!

Could you head over to our GitHub repo and create a bug ticket so our team can investigate?