How can i store multiple datasource in same

How can i store multiple datasource in same


how can add another url to the same properties file ?

Hi @addy3494
There can only be one url in the properties file.
Another option is to create a new one for each connection that you need.
And then on the command line provide a parameter.
Another option is to add it as a commandline variable.
liquibase --url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@
A third option is to use Liquibase Pro and add it as an environment variable.
set liquibase.command.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@

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Can I pass —defaultsFile twice ? For each property

Hi @addy3494
Let’s take a step back and maybe give more context on what you are trying to accomplish.
Can you describe the use case you are trying to do?

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Im ok to maintain

can the liquibase update be achieved in single run for 2 properties?
For Example,

liquibase --changelog-file=dbchangelog.xml update

You cannot connect to 2 different databases in one update with the Liquibase Open Source version, you would need to run

liquibase update conn1
liquibase update conn2