How do SQL changelogs indicate schema? I have multiple schemas in Oracle

When I try the liquibase --includeSchema=true --schemas=one,two generateChangeLog, I am hoping to see in the changelog statements like this


but instead I only get


with no indication of the schema.

  1. Can liquibase create changelogs that use the schema name inline like this?
  2. If not… is there any alternative to using a separate changelog for each schema?

We have one database with roughly ten schemas, and would like to have one set of changelogs that encompass all the schemas.
(Each schema is its own entity, there is no replication of structures across the schemas)

Any help is appreciated.

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I’m noticing the same behavior with Postgres. Several suggestions on StackOverflow didn’t seem to help.

Hi @cjs321,

Could you please share the Liquibase version you are using? And the database you are using?

Rakhi Agrawal

Hi @rsredsail

Could you please help with the Liquibase version you tried this with? I checked this with Version 4.1.1 and found it working fine. It is genearting proper SQL statements for me with different specified schemas.

Rakhi Agrawal

Sorry for the delay, it turned out there was some sort of bug in in newer version I was using (4.4.?)… but going back to 4.3.4 at a tech’s recommendation fixed the issue.