Schema names in Sql Server


I’m trying to generate a single changelog across multiple schemas against an existing MS Sql Server database.

The command I’m using is:

liquibase --changeLogFile=myChangelog.xml --schemas=reference,config,logging,mapping,staging --include-schema=true generateChangeLog

However the output that I’m seeing in myChangelog.xml does not include schema names:

   <changeSet author="gdh (generated)" id="1635277893161-1">
        <createTable tableName="ADFConfig">
            <column autoIncrement="true" computed="false" name="ADFConfigID" type="int">
                <constraints nullable="false" primaryKey="true" primaryKeyName="PK_ADFConfig"/>

Can anyone please enlighten me as to the correct options for liquibase 4.5.0

Thank You,


Hi @gregory.harris ,

This seems to be a bug in the newer release. The same issue has been reported earlier with Postgres DB and an issue is also logged for the same.

You can may be try moving back to version 4.3.x until this issue gets fixed.

Rakhi Agrawal

Thank you @rakhi - backing off to 4.3.5 works successfully