how to deal with plugins/module architecture?

Yes, it should work just fine. Liquibase needs a single changelog file to point to, but from that changelog file you can other changelogs by their classpath-relative paths. 

So if you have module-specific changelogs in com/example/module1/changelog.xml and com/example/module2/changelog.xml which are stored in their own modules, you can have a root changelog with

<include path="com/example/module1.changelog.xml/>

<include path="com/example/module2.changelog.xml/>

and they module files will be found just fine.


I have application that uses few modules (maven modules), like:





how can I split changelogs so that every single module has changelogs of data model that is specific to that module?

another case: I would like to have “plugins” - jars that are referenced with maven dependencies, and I would like to put changelogs also in that jars.

how to configure everything for such architecture? is it possible at all?