Multi-module Maven Spring Boot Project


I don’t know if this is just a Liquibase question, or a Maven one, but here it goes…

I have a Maven Spring Boot project with several modules and I want to keep their database changes separated in each module.
Currently I have 3 modules—A, B, and C—and module A and C depend on module B.

How can I achieve this in terms of project structure (and configuration)?
Which modules should have Liquibase as a dependency (in the pom)?
Where should I place the root changelog file?
And how do I refer to the modules’ changelog files in the root file?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jsilva ,

You can use different file for different modules. For example,

You can refer to an example GitHub repository that has a demo project on how you can reference files from a pom.xml file.

This repo should help you answer the project structure and where to place your changelog files. The file is where you can define the changelog files also.