How to generate liquibase change logs along with basic preconditions ?


I used generateChangeLog command on an existing database. It helped me auto generating ‘create’ changesets for all tables, sequences. 

I am interested to know if there is a way to doing same and get preconditions included using generateChangeLog. Say to include basic precondition like if table or sequence already exists.

I went through liquibase documentation but couldn’t find any help on this. Googled, but couldn’t find much relevant, useful help.

Can anyone let me know if this is possible ?

I can help myself if pointed out to any useful knowledge source too.

Any help is appreciated.

More details:

database: postgres 9.5

liquibase-maven-plugin: 3.4.1

I don’t think this is possible, but sounds like a reasonable change request for

In general, you don’t need to have preconditions for things like ‘table exists’ before the change that creates a a table because liquibase will see that the change to create the table has already been applied, and won’t try to re-apply it. 

If you have an existing database that you are starting to bring under Liquibase management, see the page for some ideas on how to get started. 

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