How to handle database changes made by an automatic upgrade script?

I’ve asked my question on 2 days ago but nobody answered, so I’m asking here.

We’re a team of developers working on a web application that also use Wordpress as part of it. We want to use Liquibase to track our database changes. But not all of the changes will be handled manually. Mainly, all changes during installation and upgrades of Wordpress will beHow would you handle such a situation?

I responded this morning on Stack Overflow. Short answer is that you could just ignore it, or you could do a diffChangeLog after each Wordpress upgrade.

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Could anyone help me here? I will appreciate any help

I do have another Thread Track

Database changes made with out using changes

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It isn’t clear what question you are seeking help with. There were several questions in this thread and several answers. Is there some particular problem you are having? If so, can you please start a new thread?


Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

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Even i have a similar situation. Did you find a solution to your question?