Upgrade db from specific version


I want to ask something. I checked some of the existing topics but did not find something respective, so please excuse if someone has already asked the same.

Does Liquibase support changes in the db schema, depending on a version?

For example:
I have a software that has a new release every week. This program also is used by customers who are in various releases but the version in db tables is different.
Program in 1.1 has db version 1,
Program in 1.2 has db version 2,
Program in 1.3 has db version 3,

I want to add a column to a table, for the version 1.4, but only affect the 1.3 release and not the previous ones. So when the customer is upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4, the upgrade in the db will run automatically. If the customer is in 1.2 when upgrading to 1.4, the db upgrade should not run.

Can you give me an example, or a link to see?

Liquibase itself doesn’t track database versions, but rather what changes have been applied and what have not. So normally you just add changeSets to your changelog file and liquibase handles applying the new ones without really tracking a version.

That being said, if you have a pre-existing setup with database versions you want to try to integrate, you should be able to use on changeSets to determine the state of the database from querying a “version” table or checking for known database objects (such as your column)