How to rollback changeSetId using SQL Dialect

I am intrigued by the rollback capability that allows you to reference the changeset that originally created a statement:

<changeSet id="changeRollback2-drop" author="liquibase">
  <dropTable tableName="changeRollback2"/>
  <rollback changeSetId="changeRollback2-create" changeSetAuthor="liquibase"/>

How can we do this using the SQL Dialect?

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Welcome whitford.

Rollback to changeSetId is currently only availabe in XML changelogs.

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Thanks for confirming. I found an open issue – with a PR! :crossed_fingers:

LOL The guy that opened that PR works at my company.

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Lol. Hey Daryl. That PR never got much traction…I am still willing to help get it into the mainline if a maintainer takes any interest.