How to run liquibase scripts using liquibase 2.0.2

This is a real issue. I could only bypass this problem by running the jar directly. Why are the developers taking their time to answer an issue that is pretty much real?

Sorry, I thought I had replied to this thread already. Had you posted it elsewhere? (blog, stackoverflow?)

The problem appears to be that the .sh script is dos formatted rather than unix formatted. I believe the change snuck in with the conversion to git which does “convert to local system file ending conventions”.

You can run the script from to convert the .sh file for now, I’ll get it fixed soon for a 2.0.3 release.


I have download liquibase 2.0.2 latest zip file and extract my local drive, using type liquibase command i can not run liquibase.please how to run liquibase scripts files using liquibase 2.0.2, tell me the procedure and please help me

run liquibase i got error below like this
bash: ./liquibase: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

please help me and how to solve this problem

Thanks, I’ll check why that is


Just FYI, this is still an issue in 2.0.3.

I don’t have this problem in 2.0.3 - maybe there is been multiple releases.
I LOVE liquibase, so awesome!

I see it’s still an issue in 2.0.4. Anyone who knows maven know why the line conversion step isn’t working correctly?


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