how to install and run liquibase by using liquibase 2.0.2 version

It looks like a problem where the script is windows format instead of unix format. Probably from the git conversion and line ending configuration. should be able to fix it for you. I’ll work on getting a new version up with fixed line endings.


I have download liquibase 2.0.2 latest zip file and extract my local drive, using type liquibase command i can not run liquibase.please how to run liquibase scripts files using liquibase 2.0.2, tell me the procedure and please help me

run liquibase i got error below like this
bash: ./liquibase: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

please help me and how to solve this problem

Hi Nathan,

I am using liquibase 2.0.3 and I am having line ending problems when comparing the md5sum, liquibase is getting confused thinking that the changelog.xml are different, while the only different thing is the file ending char.

Are you aware of this issue? Can you recommend me a way to fix it?

Best regards.

I am aware that it would be a problem. I get concerned with modifying the data from the file, because there are perhaps times where a line ending change would constitute an expected checksum error. 

I’ll try to get something in for 2.1 to address the issue, but for now you will probably have to run somethine like the above dos2unix script or somethign else to make sure line endings are consistent.