Liquibase "update" modifies file with liquibase formatted sql and executes it as raw

My colleague has the following problem: after installing liquibase (latest version 4.25.1) and running “liquibase update”, the command does not understand the format

–liquibase formatted sql
–changeset: …

and modifies the file so that the liquibase format is removed. The logs and table “databasechangelog” show, that the file was ran with ID “raw” and author “includeAll”.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue, so I believe it has something to do with his configuration.

Thanks in advance

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Found the issue, the problem was that, for whatever reason, the “liquibase formatted sql” line started with three dashes “—”, not two “–”
That made Liquibase believe, this is a raw sql file, not liquibase formatted file.
Understandable, but quite misleading behaviour, that should be handled by some sanity checks, in my humble opinion.