How would you handle "error 303: 'Field 'validator' is currently not supported'

Someone came into the general channel on discord yesterday reporting this error.

I’m setting up Liquibase for AWS Documentdb. I use mongo java driver and extensions. When running liquibase update, I got the following:

Command failed with error 303: 'Field 'validator' is currently not supported' on server <DOCUMENT DB URL>. The full response is {"ok": 0.0, "code": 303, "errmsg": "Field 'validator' is currently not supported"}

I tried placing the following on but issue persists:

liquibase.mongodb.supportsValidator: false

I suggested running the command on the CLI referring to this GitHub issue and asked what version of Liquibase they are using, as I found that there was a fix released in 4.12 for the similar GitHub issue. They replied that they’re using Liquibase version 4.15 so the fix should have already been installed, but they are still getting this 303 error. They also said:

  1. I have also tried JAVA_OPTS="-Dliquibase.mongodb.supportsValidator=false" on the command line but it didn’t work

Anyone have any other suggestions to offer?

If anyone does have a suggestion to resolve this, please tag me so I can pass it on to the Discord user! - Thanks :slight_smile: