Ignore Validation schema for DocumentDB

Good day! I’m setting up Liquibase for AWS Documentdb. I use mongo java driver and extensions. When running liquibase update, I got the following error:

Command failed with error 303: 'Field 'validator' is currently not supported' on server *
<DOCUMENT DB URL>. The full response is {"ok": 0.0, "code": 303, "errmsg": "Field 'validator' is *
currently not supported"}*

I’m using Liquibase Version: 4.15.0. Tried placing the following on liquibase.properties but issue persists:

       *liquibase.mongodb.supportsValidator: false*

Hope you could help :pray:

This error relates to DocumentDB and not Liquibase. It means that you’re using a field that is not supported by DocumentDB. I looked up the DocumentDB documentation, and that command is not listed