Using Liquibase with AWS DocumentDB

I’m researching the ability to use Liquibase with the AWS DocumentDB service (which provides capabilities similar to MongoDB).

The GitHub site for the Liquibase MongoDB connector seems to suggest that it should be usable with DocumentDB based on the notes for release which talks about adding a new parameter for Azure Cosmos and Amazon DocumentDB.

However, every attempt I’ve made to connect to DocumentDB has failed. Connecting to DocumentDB with TLS requires using a .PEM/.P7B file. You can specify the location of these files with a connection string parameter (tlsCAFile) but my connections fail when I attempt this. Looking at the DEBUG logs, it appears as if the driver being used doesn’t recognize that parameter.

[2021-05-19 10:54:37] WARNING [com.mongodb.diagnostics.logging.JULLogger log] Connection string contains unsupported option 'tlscafile'.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of other permutations but nothing has worked so far. Is there anyone who has successfully connected Liquibase to AWS DocumentDB who can share how they did it? Or, for that matter, anyone who has any suggestions in general?


Hi @michael_haynes ,

Since this is an extension, you may get faster response by logging an issue on the mongo extension’s github issues area.

It is totally valid to post it here too :slight_smile:


Thanks, Ronak! I posted there, too. Hopefully someone will have ideas there or here. Thanks again!