includeObjects not working with generateChangeLog


Has anyone noticed any problems with the new “includeObjects”
option when running from the command line? I can’t get it working. I
get an error

error running Liquibase: Unknown parameter: ‘includeObjects’

My batch file looks like this:

:: run liquibase
echo path
liquibase --driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver ^
--classpath="C:\tools\tomcat\lib\oracle-jdbc-" ^ ^
--url="" ^
--username=USERNAME ^
--password=PASSWORD ^

–diffTypes=“data” ^
--dataOutputDirectory temp

I'm using 3.3.5.

Also the command line help doesn't mention that option... It's a really useful feature and I'd love to make use of it.



To answer my own question:

  • includeObjects is not supported via the command line (in 3.3.5)
  • includeObjects is available from the ant task: generateChangeLog
  • the ant task: generateChangeLog doesn't support diffTypes="data"

Ant does 50%, command line does the other 50%, neither allows exporting the data for a single table. Perhaps the maven route works...

It does work from the command line too, you just need to make sure you put --includeObjects AFTER generateChangeLog in the parameter list. Got me too until Nathan pointed that out.