generateChangeLog seems to ignore diffIncludeObjects argument

Hi all,

I’m a new Liquibase user, and am trying to run generateChangeLog via Maven. I am utilizing Liquibase version 4.26.0 and Maven version 3.5.4. My command resembles the following:

mvn liquibase:generateChangeLog -Dliquibase.url=URL -Dliquibase.username=UN -Dliquibase.password=PW -Dliquibase.defaultSchemaName=SCHEMA -Dliquibase.diffTypes=data -Dliquibase.diffIncludeObjects=TABLE_NAMES -Dliquibase.dataDir=DATA_DIR -Ddriver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

This command works as intended for Liquibase versions between 3.10.3 and 4.19.1. Starting at Liquibase version 4.20.0, this command seems to ignore the diffIncludeObjects and diffExcludeObjects arguments, and instead of getting a data set with only the objects specified, I get all of the data in the database.

I notice that in the patch notes for version 4.20.0, there is an API breaking change with the following note: “Refactor of commands: diff, diffchangelog, generatechangelog”

Is there something I am missing in my command? Or is it possible the refactor broke this functionality?

Let me know if there is any other info I could supply that could help with diagnosing the issue!

Thanks in advance!


I could reproduce this issue on Maven last Friday, it works as expected when using CLI but it doesn’t for maven. I have created an issue for it. You are more than welcome to create a PR for it. We will assist you with any question/concerns you could have. Otherwise, I’ll leave the team to assign a priority for this.